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No Harm Ever Came From Reading a Book.....

of course that depends on the book.

11 May
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Romance Is Alive

So just how much do you really want to know?

Yahoo! AvatarsI'm the girl your friends warned you about. I am currently in a relationship with a wonderful, smart, funny, talented guy and have no plans to change that anytime soon. I am British in blood with a few other things thrown in for flavor.

I like being active, although set me down in front of a good movie or place a good book into my hands, or if I suddenly get a creative flair from my muse or am chatting with interesting people on the Internet, and I can actually sit still for a few hours, well not perfectly still but at least in one place for a manner of time.

I like sex. I have a theory about why some women like sex while others don't. Maybe I'll tell it to you sometime. I am not just saying that, I actually mean it. I have yet to find a guy who can actually keep up with my sexual desires...alas not even my current amazement of a beau can seem to manage it. But he sure does love to try!

I rarely drink, I don't do drugs that aren't prescribed to me by a doctor and I have a very low tolerance for people who do drugs and drink constantly. And I will torture anyone, male or female who drinks/does drugs and drives. There is NO excuse.

I was born and pretty much raised in Washington state. Although I did move around in the state a lot, Edmonds is my hometown. I left Washington, not to mention all my friends there, back in 1998 and I haven't gone back since. Thought about it, just haven't done it. I didn't actually choose to leave, I ended up having to leave because a maniac of a man dumped me on my birthday and then stalked me all around the state. I believed the only way to be rid of him was to leave so I did...however in about 2007 I saw this same man walking out of a Best Buy that I was walking right towards. Thankfully he didn't see me but I was nonetheless disturbed.

I haven't actually gone by Chris Kitty since I've left Washington. In fact, now in days people tend to call me by my first name or variations of my middle name Angelina. More often than not people call me by my first name or Angie around here, but since you don't have the option of calling me by my first name, you have the choice of picking any of the numerous variations of Angelina.

I love the ocean yet sadly I live in the desert. Have been since 2000. I crave the sound and smell of the ocean like a woman craves chocolate during her menstrual cycle.

I'm a Taurus; I'm stubborn, strong, full of life and energy. I like the best things in life, I just don't always get it. I enjoy earthy tones and being outside doing what ever suits my fancy, even if that means getting dirty.

I draw, write, create in any way I can. I absolutely adore acting, hence all the roll playing characters and artwork scattered around the Internet. I like photography as well, and do have a few recent pictures of myself, but I only share those when asked for them. I tend to draw the female figure more often than the male because you have to admit that the female has more alluring curves than the male.

I will tell you what's on my mind. I will not hold back and I like to ramble. I'm intelligent and will use terms that most people find offensive. I also like using British slang more often than American, so you might not always get what I'm saying.

I have a son who was born in November of 2000. I have an adoptive son who was born in 1994.

I'm snarky, sarcastic, sometimes rude and vulgar. I can be serious or silly depending on my mood and what's going on around me. You'll either love me, or you'll hate me...sometimes there is an in between, but it's rare.

I recently (as in 6/2010) moved to Rio Rancho NM into the Enchanted Hills division. I jumped on the tax credit bandwagon and bought a two story home with outstanding views of the city of Albuquerque, not to mention some great fireworks displays and if I ever wake up early enough the mass ascension of the hot air balloons from the Balloon Fiesta. I have no regrets leaving Los Alamos and the tension filled air. Although I will miss the mountains and the weather they provided, I do believe that I am much more happier down here close to things I like doing (like volunteering at the Zoo) even if it means being closer to my mother.

As you can clearly see by scrolling down and taking a look at my interests there are just a few things that tickle my fancy. There's also a few things that annoy the living, bleeding daylights out of me (where did that expression come from anyway?) and it would be good to keep away from those things while around me as much as possible. Of course I suppose in order for you to do so, you will need to know what some of those are. Stupidity is high on this list, and not just your average every day stupidity either. The kind that goes so deep into the land of the Stupid (henceforth known as the Realm of Stupid) that you wonder how on Earth the person manages to do anything ordinary. There is ignorance and then there is Stupidity, do not for a moment mix these two! I can stand ignorance, right up to the point as to where a person has been properly informed and corrected. Anything after that falls back into the Realm of Stupid. This isn't a very good place to be, this realm needs to be avoided. I'm also not talking about a general lack of knowledge or any mental illnesses or problems a person has --for anyone to refer to people with those types of ailments as stupid is in fact only demonstrating just how much they belong in the Realm of Stupid! I have a high tolerance for much but belonging to and in the Realm of Stupid is not going to impress me at all. In fact if you want me to go away, demonstrate effectively that this is where you lie and I'll gladly say adieu to you!

I'm not always a poet. I do write; I've been working for over a year (I'm actually clueless to the actual time to tell you the truth!) on a story that popped up into my head. And just last night (that would be the night of March the 4th in 2010) another perfectly fantastic story struck my brain as I was drifting off to sleep. Thankfully it woke me long enough for me to hash it over for a bit in my mind so it wouldn't be forgotten when I awoke. Of course I didn't think about it until a few seconds ago, but neverthemind it is still there! I do tend to create my own words, I've been told I should make a dictionary with the very words I have created. I had a college English Professor (cause by this time they're not teachers anymore) say I did well at butchering the English language as a whole-- but she was talking about the way I talk, as in I have a way of not being able to actually speak the language that was and will always be my first (French is my second, German is my third--no forth yet) and stumble over some of the easiest of words: for example I have a difficult time with the word enemy. Comes out sounding like something that belongs under the sea. BUT! I could write beautifully and had a way with the written word. Which at that point was what really mattered since I wasn't taking an English speaking course, although perhaps I should look into that. Not quite sure how that would help any.

Generally this journal is for friends only. The public more in likely can not handle what I have to say, and what I have to say is rather personal at times. Friend me if you wish, the chances of me befriending you are quite high.

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We're All Mad Here... I'm Mad and You're Mad.

Personal Quotes.
"The female of the species is deadlier than the male."
Photobucket"Don't mess in the affairs of dragons for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup."
"Death is only the beginning."
"Well, that was brilliant....except for the part where it wasn't."
"This is fucktacular!"
"Death should be a release, not a punishment."
"You'd be surprised at what a person can live through."
"Cargasm." (or other variations of such)

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