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No Harm Ever Came From Reading a Book.....
of course that depends on the book.
Today's Dreams 
30th-Dec-2010 04:18 pm - December Madness...
Full Moon Wolf
We've all heard the term...we all think big sales and Christmas music and crowds of people...

But in my case I do mean actual madness.

It seemed every time I went anywhere there was some idiot being a full out prick! I'm used to the drivers here and yes not all of them are full out prickish, but this entire month seems to change people..

Take the day Scott and I went to Ultimate Electronics to pick dad up something for Christmas (the something being a Sony eReader Pocket Edition for $70--which I found out on Christmas the boys got me one of these as well but in silver!); there was a red light in front of us, the normal lines of cars and then to my right there were two cars that had stopped to allow a car coming from the opposite direction to turn left. This is quite a busy street and so I went to stop, a gradual stop not a slamming on the breaks kind- cause I'm feeling nice when the other two cars that were stopped decided not to wait any longer cause the light had turned green. I was going to go when behind me I hear a horn--now this happened in a matter of seconds and just as quickly I suddenly decided I was NOT going to go. I stopped so that the guy who wanted to turn left still could considering others to my right stopped as well. The prick behind me LAID on the freaking horn, I however rolled down my window and waved. Other people in other lanes however rolled down their windows and yelled---at the prick behind me. They stopped for the guy to turn left and the prick behind me swerved into the lane to our right and flipped us off, while still laying on the horn and almost rear-ending the guy now in front of him who had stopped because of the now red light. We passed the guy as he flipped us off still honking on his freaking horn. The people now behind us, as they passed the prick yelled out their window "And a Merry Christmas to you too asshole!" The prick continued to lay on his horn as we sat at the red light. I was almost tempted to put the car in park, grab my cane and go over to his car and remodel it for him he (okay Scott says it was a he, I thought it was a she) brassed me off THAT badly. And I never hit my horn once.

Yesterday while waiting at a red light in the left turn lane, I happen to glance up to see a white minivan coming up behind me and a large truck suddenly noticing he needed to turn left and almost merging into the white minivan. The van honked, the guy in the truck flipped the lady off and then tried to force his huge truck right behind me almost taking out my rear end and probably would have if I hadn't suddenly decided that I wanted NO part of the foolishness that was erupting behind me and jumped forward a few feet and then upon a green arrow squealed out of there like a straight way racer.

That among the many near misses on either bumper, horns blaring around me for whatever reason either at me or someone else, people refusing to move over to another lane despite it being completely empty while you're trying to get on the Interstate and wait until you almost run out of lane yourself and crash into the barrier or them and they flip YOU off, people apparently not being able to see you and trying to merge into the spot you are currently occupying, or any other overly bad driving traits a person can think of I have decided that next year, I'm doing ALL my shopping in November and will not leave the house unless absolutely necessary in December. I seriously believe this entire month has been nothing but full moon madness and people forgetting that this is actually the season to be nice to your fellow man because the bitch Karma IS looking.

I have driven in other months and haven't had this many problems. I'm a pretty good driver too. No tickets (I have a Valentine One if you must know. *grin*) no accidents involving other vehicles--(the one where I hit black ice and slammed my truck into the barrier doesn't count) and I don't get yelled at by other drivers--normally.

So thankfully the month is over tomorrow...and sadly the year too but here's hoping that 2011 (I originally typed 2112 and then 2012...*sigh*) is another great safe year!


17th-Jul-2006 03:50 pm - OMG! It's FRIEND LOCKED! Oh noes!
Black Cat Twitch
Friends Only.

Seriously if that is all it takes to frighten you off.......

Just comment to this entry and behold! The "book" is unlocked and you are free to read the entries of my mind all you want......if you dare.

And if you could be so kind to let me know how/why you've come across this journal I'd be much obliged. Curiosity is quite the killer you know.
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